Friday, 3 May 2019

Love is the answer

Although I am a spiritual person, I understand and respect the fact that I am human. I have lots to learn yet and I have lots of ups and downs in my life.
Last month I went through a bad time, and I was aware that my energy went down. So, I called two of my friends (who are also healers) to come to my home to share healings, talk and ask for advice.
One of my friends said: send them love, you will always get back what you give. She meant that the solution is whenever your energy is down because of a situation or person, the best thing to do is to send love to the situation or person, and that will fix everything. 
One she said that I remembered what one of my spiritual teachers once said about sending love: “You need permission to send healing, but you can always send love without permission”. I also remember at the beginning of my spiritual journey when I used to send love to my physical body and to my soul, that helped me in an amazing way to love myself and restore confidence and self-esteem.
The day was wonderful, we all shared Pellowah attunements with amazing healing background music and lots of love and respect to the healing modality that we are sharing and to our friendship. That was one of the days that the energy built up in my home in a very strong way. I also sent lots of love to the situation that made me feel down and all the people who were involved in the situation.
After we wrap up the healing session, I felt back to myself again, very healed and high in energy.  Not only that, but before the end of that day, I received very big news declaring that the situation was completely resolved! WAW, I couldn’t believe that.
Don’t ever under estimate the power of love, love is way stronger that healing, it can indeed bring miracles. You don’t need to study any modality or to be attuned to any kind of energy to be able to send love. 
I am so grateful for the amazing people in my life. So grateful for the amazing beings whom are taking my back whenever I feel so, and guiding me through my journey on earth. So grateful for the simple and miraculous tools that we have to fix everything in our life.

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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Living someone else dream

I am from the middle east, from a very big family who have roots in Jordan, Palestine, Egypt. As a female from a big family, I was raised to behave.  I wasn’t allowed to laugh loudly because it considers unpolite.

I am sure my mum and dad had a very hard time raising me, I am a hand full, naughty, have my own mind. Having them as my parents weren’t also easy for me, but I always said to myself: they are raising me the way they knew, and they want me to be good woman.
If I ever asked my mum and dad what is your dream for me: their answer will be: get a good education, get married and have a family.  These are the society dreams or expectations for every female.

If you ever asked me what you want to be: my answer would be: belly dancer, a dream I never dare to say loudly, because according to my family rules belly dancing is not respectful thing at all, showing so much skin and doing they sexy moves is not a thing that they will accept for me to do.

I remember once my mum told me before doing to a wedding party: dance respectfully. I didn’t understand what that suppose to mean. And till today I don’t know what dancing respectfully would mean.

I know I lose my senses with dancing, I become another person who forgets about family, rules, reputations. I just dance.

I grow up, graduated from the university with a master degree in computer science, got married and had a family. My degree helped me in migrating to Australia. But those things never fulfill me, they aren’t my dream, they were someone else dream. They are the society, culture and family dreams and standard to the successful woman.

At the age of 40, everything fell apart, I got divorce. I decided that I don’t want to peruse my career in computer science. It is so stressful for me.  Honestly, I was lost, I lost hope, faith, I don’t have any vision or dream for the future.

The universe sent me some people to help me, a group of spiritual people whom with their help I restore the meaning of life again. One of my spiritual teachers told me: do the things that make you happy. It took me a while to put dancing in my list again as one of the things that makes me happy.

To my surprise not only whenever I am down, I put some music and lose myself with dancing, but I start to teach people how to be happy. To open the bag that they put all the happy memories and thing that they love to do in life and forget about it and bring it again to their lives.

Uh, I also laugh loudly, as loud as I can, and I don’t care what people may say.
Today I am a spiritual healer, teacher, and counselor. A job not only fulfills me but makes me happy, a job in which I am living my dream.

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